Frameworks sound like a very good way to make our jobs easier for us. Making a good website takes time and attention to detail. We need to take our time and think through every little detail about our page to make sure we convey the message we need to. How, ever on the other side “Time is Money” and I don’t have enough of either at the moment. Instead of cutting corners to make our jobs easier, we need to focus on positive ways of saving time.

A framework is basically a blank shell that you create, that sits there empty waiting for content to be pored in. Creating a variety of frameworks each with a different layout will save designers tons of time in the long run. This empty HTML shells are pre-built are ready whenever a new page comes a long. Saving time on creating a basic HTML structure will allow designers to spend more of their time on the interface and usability of a site, rather than wasting time doing the same HTML layout countless times.

Thankfully in IMD fundamentals this is something that you suggested to us. I can’t speak for everyone else, but I have been using the same basic HTML page for 1 and 2 column pages every since then. With each new class I update and correct my code and just paste it in when needed. This has helped me very much in school and I plan on continuing to use frameworks. I would also suggest the same to you guys if you don’t use them already.


I also found a cool site sith a bunch of example frameworks:


3 thoughts on “Frameworks

  1. I must have missed the framework discussion in IMD Fund., but I’m glad I picked it up this time around. I am currently updating my frameworks as well and I hope I will have several to play with before this class is over.

  2. Not gonna lie, the shell metaphor kind threw me back a bit. I would of preferred a cup or container to pore in my contents. But i do like the attempt.
    In your third paragraph you say “you suggested to us”, umm i don’t think this is intended to me. You might want to consider your entire audience when writing.
    Thanks for the input ^_^.

  3. I like the idea of having a empty html shell. Whenever a customer comes up and asks for something quick, we will actually be able to get something together in short notice. It will save so much time and energy to have a framework ready before we even get the project. Plus with the framework already made, we will probably make a lot less mistakes while coding.

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