The Discipline of Content Strategy

This week we read an article called “The Discipline of Content StrategyBy: Kristina Halvorson. This was a relatively short, yet very important article with a lot of valuable information. I’ll be honest I was a little grey when it came to where content came from for Web Sites.

I was under the assumption that the client gave me information, and I fed it in. I think this is a very generic and lazy approach to Web Design, that leads to very poor and useless web sites. In this article she says: As a community, we’re rather quiet on the matter of content. In fact, we appear to have collectively, silently come to the conclusion that content is really somebody else’s problem—“the client can do it,” “the users will generate it”—so we, the people who make websites, shouldn’t have to worry about it in the first place.

This is a very poor attitude that I see a lot here in school. To me it’s simple, Why spend the time to create an amazing design if you don’t care about what’s on the page? Pretty and shiny things only keep people’s attention so long. It’s the information, or content, that compel people to return and suggest your site to others. This is something that I will focusing on greatly this quarter with my project.

If you are reading this, and especially this far down, hopefully you listen to what I think as well as go read the article for yourself.


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