Content Strategy


This was also a very good article for Content Strategy. This one was much longer, and went into great detail in areas that Kristina Halvorson touched on briefly.

Thank you for this article on Content Strategy. I am a current college 
student studying web design, and this is a new concept for me. I
really like what you said about specialization is a good thing.
It seems logical that by really focusing on what your company does,
and what your users will be coming to your site for, that generating
relevant content would be much easier. As I am very new to this
concept, any direction is a good thing.
Thanks again,
KC Painter

Complete Beginner’s Guide to Content Guide to Content Strategy

This article did a good job of breaking everything down into smaller pieces that were easy to understand.

Thank you for this article. I am new to the concept of a content
management system, and this article helped me understand it more.
I like especially like the section THE CONTENT LIFECYCLE where you
broke everything down into smaller parts and analyzed them in detail.
Thank you,
KC Painter

Content Strategy for the Web

I really liked the way this article showed the relationship between content strategy and SEO.

Thank you for this article. I found it very helpful, especially the
way you tied in part about SEO at the end. These are both fairly new
concepts for me, and this both helped link them together and show how
important one is to the other.

Thank you
KC Painter

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