Website Proposal – A Friend in Need

Web Site Proposal

Animal adoption is a very important issue as well as something that I care very much about. There are countless animals here in the DFW area that are in need of a loving home and family. This site will be feature animals in near by animal shelters that are up for adoption, as well as provide an online community for pet owners. This site will focus on the adoption of dogs since I myself have rescued one dog already, and plan to continue adopting all of my future animals.

A major problem with animal adoption is that many people that are interested in getting a new animal either don’t know where to go to adopt an animal, or don’t want to look around for the specific breed they want. By having them all in one location, and by offering a search feature with multiple filters, we can help owners find their perfect pet. I also want to create an online community for new and experienced animal owners to be able to share information and ask any questions that new owners usually have. I will also be providing a great deal of general pet owner information sections for first time owners ranging from training tips to medical checklists and time lines. This is something I was unable to find when I first got my dog, and would have helped me immensely.

My target audience will be middle aged men and women who are married and have a family, and who either rent or own their home. The majority of people who adopt a pet either have a family already, or look for one once they decide to settle down and start a family. Most pet owners also live in homes instead of apartments to give their pet adequate space to live and play.

Since my audience will be mostly family oriented people middle aged peopel, I will keep this site very straight forward and as user friendly as possible. This site is intended to help animals in need of a home and pet owners in any way possible, as well as create a community for pet owners to share information and ask questions. Features like a search  between agencies, the information and training sections, user generated tips and suggestions, and many others will help separate us from other similar sites.

Preliminary Outline:

I. Home
II.  Find a Friend – Search for a pet in a local shelter in our internal data base.
III. Owner Information – A section of information for new and long time pet owners
     A. Training Tips – A section containing a number of different training tips. each page               will contain a number of sub categories
          1. General Training
          2. Potty Training
B. Medical Information
 – A section that contains a number of medical tips
          1. Vaccination Information 
          2. Flea/Tick and other Pests
          3. Nutrition
     C. Breed Breakdown – A section that describes dog breeds in detail, including                       behavior, dieting and any breed specific information
IV. Community – Our online community
     A. Blog – A Blog section of current success stories, events and other information
     B. User Tips and Suggestions – A user driven section of training and nutrition tips                 organized by categories
     C. Success Stories – A section where we feature newly adopted animals, as well as               owners who wish to be featured
     D. Adoption Board – A user driven page where current pet owners can feature their               pet on our adoption board, and look for a new home for their pets
     F. Find a Shelter –  A section of local animal shelters along with descriptions and user           driven reviews of each
V. FAQ – A section for general FAQs
VI. About Us – Short summary of our company along with why we started, what we want        to accomplish, and how people can volunteer
     A. Contact Us – A short page with contact information, and an online comment                         submission area


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