Web Design Typography

I think one of the weakest points in my work is the use of good typography. I understand that typography is a very important part of web design, and I intend to put a lot of work into studying this. The correct use of font sizes, colors, and font types can greatly improve the look and layout of even the best web sites. I have been doing some out of class research, and will be contacting professionals for additional tips.


For this assignment I decided to look at a few articles on typography. The first one is 20 Do’s and Don’ts of Effective Web Typography that seemed like a cool checklist.

KC Painter

November 10, 2011

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Thanks for the great article. I am trying to focus on typography for my website, and had a fast question. Do you have a font size scale that you use? Or due you use a different scale for each project?



The second article I looked at was Web Design is 95% Typography and it was a cool place to find a number of resources.

The contact page was broken so I couldn’t copy my message. 


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